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During this period of the corona and quarantine there are no gyms open Our agenda is free because some of us are on unpaid leave. So if there is so much time why not take advantage of the time and maintain a healthy training schedule.Here are the recommended exercises to do as part of your fitness training:

Jumping jax; performed by opening and closing the arms and legs at the same time and burning calories.

Squats: the exercise that works the muscles of the legs. The exercise begins at a starting position with the legs parallel to the pelvis. The exercise starts from the pelvis with the buttocks out and down to sitting.

Push ups- Push-ups: An exercise begins with holding the body as in a plank exercise with the arms punctuated larger than the width of the shoulders. The exercise is performed that we bend the elbows that the chest is leading and the whole body goes down towards the floor.

Squat Jump - The exercise works on the buttocks legs and abdominal muscles. The exercise begins with a wide punctuation and the toes are down, the hips are close to the chest and the palms are combined under the chin. During the exercise we jump and bring our legs closest and go down to the squat. These exercises do not require any particular fitness equipment and can be incorporated as part of home training.

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