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Core workout

Updated: Jun 9

The core muscles are muscles that need to be worked on as part of our fitness training as we work out the rest of the body. From my experience in the fitness training I do it is better and desirable to work on any area of ​​the body and not "neglect" it.

So here is a workout that can help you work on these muscles:

Shoulder taps:

The exercise is performed while standing on 4 with straight hands. The exercise is done while contracting the abdomen and aligning the core muscles as we inflate a small swelling on the shoulders alternately.

High plank side step:

The exercise is performed standing on 4 with straight hands. We contract the abdomen and core muscles as we step aside if each of the legs alternates.


An exercise is done from a supine position in which the front of the body rests on the forearms in a balanced position. In this exercise we maintain a straight back, keeping the hips straight and mobilizing the abdominal muscles. If you liked the post you can see similar posts in the "Health" category on the site.

If you liked the post you can read more posts on the subject in the "Health" category on the blog.

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