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Why it is important to have a regular exercising schedule?

Updated: Apr 4

We always plan our day the day before or even a week before and we put our fitness training on our agenda. This is because we want to maintain a healthy routine of life - to maintain a healthy weight and not destroy what we have built so far. Putting sports into our daily routine and our agenda in general is a difficult thing in itself from my personal experience but in the end succeeds. So why is it so important to put exercise on our agenda? Sport improves our health and improves our coping with stressful situations. Sports activity activates our endorphins, which improves and contributes to it. Second reason, sports improves our ability Coordination and our motor skills. Also sports strengthens our heart system, gives us more energy and makes us less tired. Also, you see for yourself that sports contribute to the agenda and help in many things and that it is an important thing that it is better not to give up.

And the end of the day , you need to rest so here 12 WAYS TO GET BETTER SLEEP .

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