Hey :)

I'm Reut. I am a singer, music producer and makeup artist. It all started at age 5, when I started learning piano in my hometown, Beer Sheva. At age 7, I moved to another neighborhood in my hometown and started to dance. I danced hip-hop and modern in my neighborhood. At the age of 14, I began to take vocal lessons. At 17, I recorded in the studio for the first time. During these years, I begin to perfoming in Tel Aviv on open stages, and in addition, I began to study professional makeup at Ravit Assaf. At 18, I started studying on Wall Street and sound at BPM in Tel Aviv .At the age of 24, I went to study medical cosmetics at the College of Aesthetics in my city. i Decided to open this blog to publish to you various content especially in the area of my life style.