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What are HIIT Workouts and Why You Should Do Them

The winter season is the best season to do workouts in prepare for summer. One way to stay fit is using the hiit workout.I've started to use the hiit workout in March last year when the gym was closed do to the pandemic.Hiit workout is full intensity workout. During the hiit workout we push ourselves to the max in give it all.The hiit workout keeps us with a high pulse and burns lots of calories.

There is 2 different hiit workouts:

A functional workout and a crossfit workout.

The hiit workout keeps our metabolism high and keeps the heart and great shape.

The hiit workout is fit for everyone in all age groups and even people with health issues like diabetes or obesity. With the hiit workout we have all kids of workouts like walking jogging running and swimming.

With the hiit workout there is no need for equipment only the weight of the body.

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