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The 5 health podcasts for 2020

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Today we can find a lot of free podcasts on Spotify and Apple on all sorts of different topics.

The podcasts can give us a lot of information about each topic we want to know and get answers about it. I started to listen to podcasts in the Spotify , The reason is to see what is it . I start to listen to health and wellness podcasts too .

So what is podcast ? podcast is like a free radio show on internet . You can listen to it all the time and how many times you want.

So here's is the beat five podcasts to listen to in Spotify:

Redefining Health & Wellness (with Shohreh Davoodi):

Shohreh Davoudi is a certified eating consultant by the SS organization. In this podcast, she examine the messages we get on health and what we can learn from it.

She help to the listeners to understand what is health and how we need to taking care of all areas of health.

The podcast is interesting for those who want to know more about health and want to know more solutions.


2. Alpha health &wellness (with Haile sochoff)-

Hayley is Dr. and she Certified . She gives us a wider picture about health and fitness on this podcast. In every episode, she talk about a lot of things. She's making us some kind of curiosity.

Link :

The wellness mama podcast(with katie wells):

This weekly podcast is about health but from different aspects and not just healthy food(and that’s what she talking about). On this podcast she talking about fitness, stress, sleep and more. The podcast can help you and give you and to your famlly a lot of tips To improve your health and your family health.

Link :

Fast track to fully booked : health &wellness marketing mastery (with will Harlow):

This podcast talks about healthcare marketing to developers who want to find more customers in their business. Will Harlow(the host) is the author of a multi-seller and a health care business. On this podcast will give us a lot of information and tips how to grow your business.


well well wellness (with Bella younger and Georgia lewis Anderson ):

This podcast talk about health but in funny way . The hosts present the health in a funny and interesting way. I recommend this podcast !

Link :

So if you looking to listen to an interesting podcast in health, these are the five most interesting and recommended podcasts to listen to.

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