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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Collaboration with shiri Caspi (fitness trainer and coach).

The green shake and fruit shakes are very healthy for us in the body there are many reasons why we should drink them daily:

1.The smoothies clean and give energy .

2.The smoothies work best when we drink them in the morning on empty stomach.

3. smoothies are good for the body in boost the immune system.

Smoothies (shiri recommends):

1.Spinach , parsley, cucumber, ment, green apple, lemon, cranberry, ginger, avocado.

2. Celery, cranberry, cucumber, apple, 6 spinch leaf, green apple, berrys, ginger,

turmeric, lemon, orange.

3. collard greens, cranberry, ment, celery, 6 lettuce leaf, orange, lemon, turmeric .

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