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Recipe : Green smoothie

To make the switch from unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle is the way of life. Doing sports and going to the gym is great for a healthy life.A couple years back I use to suffer from headaches in just different pains threw out my body for a long period of time the doctors had no solution in only recommended pills. There's nothing improper about having to take pills when the pain is unbearable. But it is much more effective to create a healthy lifestyle in use folk remedy. I have decided to turn my life around and made a schedule for myself. 2 3 time a week I go to the gym. I pay very close attention to the foods that I eat. In because of this I am more healthy in the feeling is great. I've also added healthy shakes in drinks to my diet. The green smoothie is rich with vitamins and fiber and antioxidant that reduces sugar levels. The green smoothie will help you gain a healthier lifestyle.


2 bananas

2 dates



Handful Mongol

Sunbasm spruds


Ment leavs

3/4 water.


Put all ingredients in the blender and blend to your satisfaction.

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