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Oatmeal recipe

Breakfast was a huge problem for me because my body is sensitive to milk in oil. It took me hours to decide what to eat for breakfast. The past couple of years i've decide to try oatmeal on the base of water. And did not regret in the decision. Lots of people are lactose intolerance and can not eat dairy products. oatmeal belongs to the grain family. Oatmeal balance sugar levels and cholesterol and is rich with fiber. Here's a easy recipe for oatmeal that can make breakfast much more enjoyable:


Half cup of oatmeal

Cup in half of water or milk or even almond milk or coconut milk.

1/4 spoon of cinnamon

Maple syrup or honey.

1 spoon of coconut .

1 spoon of chic seeds .

Fresh strawberry




Another course of action:

Put oatmeal in the pot with milk or water .

Cook on a low flame for 2.4 minutes wile stirring until the oatmeal is ready. Add seasonings of your choice.

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