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Magnezium -what we need to eat?

We always try to eat healthy all the time but sometimes we don't know what the healthy food contains. One of the most important things to our body is minerals. One of the most important minerals appearing in significant quantities is magnesium. Magnesium is a chemical element from the aprories of the Alkali Metals order And it appears in significant quantities in the human body. We can find a lot of magnesium in food and that is actually beneficial to our body and healthy. These are the foods that contain magnesium and to put them into our daily diet:

Quinoa- A plant with a flower belonging to the family of the Yarbeaceae. In the past, the quinoa belonged to the family of the Salan. Moreover, the quinoa plant is also edible but not marketed in the same extent as its seeds.

Almonds- It is the species of a tree belonging to the Vorinary family. He is also sorted in the genus Frugnus and the subtype of amgados along with the peach.

Spinach- Spinach is a one-year plant with green leaves used for food and medicine. Its source is Central Asia. Spinach has three main varieties classified according to the type of leaves. From spinach you can make pies and meatballs.

Pumpkin seed- Pumpkin seeds is the most important food for our body and has many health benefits. Good pumpkin seeds for our heart health are zinc-rich ,They are an excellent source of omega-3 plants that have an anti-inflammatory effect and are good against diabetes and more.

Dark chocolate- Bittersweet chocolate is no extra milk or with a small amount of milk. It will usually contain a relatively high percentage of cocoa-diggers and other types of chocolates.

Peanuts- The edible seed of the plant is subterranean. Its nutritional value is as low-fat and about a quarter of protein.

Edamame- Made from soy beans is not ripe when cooked in green cooking. The food is commonly used as a snack in Japan, China and Korea, and in recent years also in the western countries.

Cashews- Cashew is a kind of tree with flowers from the Halaceae family. It is commercially large for the purpose of marketing of its products and fruits.

Oatmeal- Oatmeal is energy-packed food. The oatmeal also has a lot of health benefits. As it balances the PH of the skin and contributes to the healing of the skin the oatmeal that prevents diabetes contributes to the health of the heart and the diet in the fibers containing the oatmeal is effective for motive.

*The information is taken from the wikipedia website.

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