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Ideas for things you can do at home

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

These days, and especially during this covid 19 days we feel a lot of stress. We need to worry about many things or go to work . From my experience I learned that stress not help for nothing. We can handle with the situation with so many options. So here my ideas for things you can do at home:

Cooking a special meal or new dish - there's nothing wrong to cooking. Cooking is a nice thing to do and especially at home. The time is over when you cook (and you not thinking negative thoughts).

Listen to the songs you love – listen to the Music is a good feeling. You can start your day with a good music before you going to work or before you going to interview or audition or meeting. Its help to calm and not to be in stress at all.

Doing a good meditation - I didn’t know nothing about mediation before the covid 19. didn't understand what meditation doing for our body and I thought it just waste of time. I started meditating to see what this thing and I saw how good thing is it. Good meditation good for our body and for our soul and helps to calm and not to be in stress.

Create a group of people in whatsup- There's nothing wrong to meet new people and to create something yours. This can help you not thinking negative thoughts or to be in stress. Here you doing something nice for yourself and for others.

Doing a masks treatment for yourself- There is nothing wrong like a masks treatment for yourself. You can do it once a week, which is very helpful for the stress and especially for the skin.

Breathe - before You going to important interview or an important meeting or even just starting a new job, just take a breath ! give to your body good energy .

Give a call to your friend - There is nothing wrong to call and talk with a good friend when you are in stress . You don’t have nothing to do and you can't forget your thoughts. You need to talk with a really good friend .This conversation can help you to handle with stress or with many things and its really help not to think about negative thoughts for a few minutes and get you out of the stress.

Get dressed and doing make up to yourself for no reason- especially when you in stress . Its really help. When we dress like we going out with friends and doing make up ,we feel different and much better.

Sleep- There is nothing wrong to sleep in bed an hour before you start your day or before you go to work . after you doing it , you feel good energy and its help to your body.

Sit outside in the sun - There's nothing wrong to sit outside in the sun before you start your day. The sun is vitamin D for the body and you feel relax after you doing it.

I hope these ideas help for y'all and remember stress not help for nothing :)

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