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Healthy clean snacks ideas

Many people struggle to give up they none healthy lifestyle. The reason for this is all the healthy foods does not have a good taste and most people go on taste. From my personal experience the change was not easy but I stayed with it in now have a healthier life.

Here is a few options for healthy snacks:

Green smoothie;

This could be great for after a workout or top of the morning. The green smoothie contains lots of vitamins and fiber and antioxidants. The green smoothie has many benefits and it strengthens the bones.

Ingredients; lettuce, spinach, ment,green apple and more.


The walnuts can be a great snack throughout the day. Walnutz have 59 different strains.

The walnutz can also be used to make oil.

Edamame; this can be used as part of launch or dinner. Edamame is also known as immature soybeans in a pod .most people boil the edamame in put salt and lemon juice on top.

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