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Favorite healthy drinks

Many people preferred to drink cola or juices that's not healthy and contain sugars.

Today you can find many options for healthy drinks.

From my personal experience I used to drink lots of juices and other drinks that was not healthy and contain lots of sugar.

And the past few years I'm happy I've made the change to drink and eat more healthy and do not regret it.

Here is a few options of health drinks :

Water- water is the most healthy drink we can choose. Every morning I wake up in drink water wit a little lemon juice. This help clean your blood and give you energy for the day ahead.

Green smoothie- the green smoothie is rich with lots of vitamins, fiber,

antioxidants that reduce sugar. The green smoothie has many benefits like strengthens the bones.

Green tea- the tea that's been threw minimal oxidation its production. Not only that the green tea is healthy it is also well known in Japan and China and other places they are known for drinking hot beverages.

So there you have it just a few options of healthy drinks. If you enjoyed this post you can see more in "Health" category.

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