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Easy meals to prep for work

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

I always started a new job and had to get ready and prepare myself mentally for multiple hours. I was waiting for the sandwich I made before. The sandwich wasn't always enough for a 12-hour work day And I'd lose focus by half the day and not function because of migraines because I didn't eat well enough. My personal tip is to make food for work and satisfactory food! Even with this a sandwich so that it will be packed with food and not just one thing. From this experience I increased the feeling of hunger and I found myself returning home tired and with a migraine. I could have prepared something more satisfactory for work and kept myself on my toes until the end of the day. A lot of people don't know what to take to work and just give up and prefer to go buy food. At one of the restaurants next door and spend the money they need for other things. You can think of a cost-effective way to prepare a meal at home and eat home-cooked food. Here are the options for meals you can make for work lightly and without thinking too much:

Grilled chicken with flakes- It is recommended to prepare this food the day before and put it on the plate you take to work (of course if there is an option to put the food in the fridge in the dining room at work and of course with a microwave you can heat the meal there).

Vegetable patties / meat patties with rice- Another great option to prepare as a dish for work. It is also recommended to prepare the day before and put on a plate that closes as well as the previous option.

Oven vegetables and fish-a healthy and recommended option.

The meal does not weigh down on the stomach and is well digested. The vegetables are healthy and it is always good to eat them differently even with it as a salad or in the oven or cooked and fish is a protein. This food is good for our body.

Boiled carrots and chicken- Another healthy option to do. There's nothing healthier than eating carrots that have many healthy benefits and chicken that's meat that we need our bodies and chicken is a protein that's good for our body.

Vegetables cut into strips with techina and chicken breast- if you don’t really have time to prepare and cook cooked vegetables. It is always possible to prepare chicken breast in the oven (in quick preparation) and cut vegetables into strips, which doesn't take more than a minute. And raw techina made at home that's also quick.

Fish and green beans-

The creationist option. Fish is a protein and protein is good for us for our body.

Also the fish digests our stomachs well and doesn't weigh on our body. And the green beans are a cooked vegetable and it's always good for our body.

Chicken salad- With no time or no microwave at your work- Chicken salad is a very relevant option for you. Chopped vegetables with chicken breast straps is a healthy meal that is satisfying and saves time to prepare.

Egg and chopped vegetables- another relevant option that does not require much preparation time. The vegetables take exactly one minute to cut and cooking time the hard boiled egg is between 7 to 10 minutes in preparation.This option is a quick option and saves a lot of cooking time and of course the meal is healthy and recommended for those who do not have a microwave at work.

Bulgur with vegetables- an affordable and healthy option and recommended. The vegetables can be cut or cooked in the oven and the quinoa which is actually a healthy dish that's also desirable to eat.

Flakes and vegetables in the oven with chicken breast- a satisfying and delicious meal and a good option to work.

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