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Work friendly outfit ideas

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Everyone like 2 look good during the day. Even if it's at work. It doesn't matter if we work in a office or a factory.

It really doesn't matter what job we have we want to look good cause when you look good u feel good.

Over the years I've learned that for job interviews its important to look and dress well.

Here is outfits I put together that is good for work:

1. white shirt and tailored pants and white sneaker shoes.

This is a simple look that doesn't require lots of time to prepare. This look goes well with brown sunglasses and a brown purse.

2.white top with blue Jean's and brown platform shoes. Another look that doesn't require lots of time. This look go well with white earrings, brown sunglasses, and a matching purse.

3.white top with black tites and white sneakers. This look is also very easy in is not time consuming. With this look we can add a black hat and a matching backpack. This look is good for people who work in shopping centers or factory in office's.

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