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Who doesn't love shopping at the mall? There are those who come to the mall to buy clothes, household items, kitchen utensils and more. As a high school girl I always loved going to the mall and seeing the new clothes that came out.

I was not aware of the money I was spending and in the end I came out with a waste and it was just unnecessary. It is best to know a few things before going shopping no matter what:

Set your budget before you go shopping - this is very important because that way you will not spend more than the budget you have allocated. You also checked the stores and the models according to the price and did not spend more than the budget and also went out with a purchase at a reasonable price that you allotted to yourself.

Thoroughness - Before you rush to buy, go through all the items in each store and measure so that you will really like it. Sometimes there are good items that are down the store and you didn’t notice because you saw another item before.

Sorting - To sort all the clothes in the closet and check what is small on you and what is not and just make an order. This is because this is how you make room for the new clothes you will purchase and also look according to it with you need to buy a large amount of

Of clothes or less.

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