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Winter fashion trends

Now that the holiday season is near in the winter is here.Usually before this season I search the web in fashion sites just to know the fashion trends for the season.

Here's a list of things that's in style this season:

This fall jackets in blazers are part of the trend. The colors for these items are kamel,baje,grey, the grey would be found in all the trends this season. The color grey shows a certain class in different items.

The next trend-Shades of grey: shades of grey will be appearing in lots of the clothes this season. The color grey shows simplicity in class.This season we will see different shades of grey with different options of clothing.In this season we also will be seeing lots of different color leather.

We will see the leather in dresses,jumpers,pants and much more.Also we would be seeing lots of Cape also in trend shish season is long maxi coat's in lots of warm clothes for the season.

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