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Street style looks

The street style look is coming into fashion these past few years.

The reason for this is different celebrity from the Hollywood industry that dress in the street style fashion. In the past seasons I found the street style look very comfortable in do not require allot of time.

Many people do not know how to find the right street style look. So here is a few ideas: top printed with a picture and blue Jean's with sneakers. This look is simple but show's a great fashion since. U can also add to this look is a gold chain, and black purse.

2.A black blouse with a printed picture, and black tights. A simple yet fashionable look. This look also goes well with black sunglasses, black sneakers, and black purse.

3.Pink blouse with blue Jean's and sneakers.

A simple yet fashionable look that's not time consuming. This look goes well with a black purse.

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