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Quick stop in.. Cinema city Beersheba

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The south in Israel evolve these years. Every city in the south was normal but without options (no restaurants and stores) . But these years we can see the change on the south and especially in Beersheba the big city on the south .

Beersheba don’t stop to evolve these years . We can see more shopping malls and shopping canters , bars and restaurants in the city . This year we can see new center in the city -Cinema city .

Cinema City is the leading cinema chain in the country and was established in 2002.

When you come to Beersheba you see the cinema city beside of the bus station and beside of the market in the city . The center is really big and well maintained clean and aesthetically pleasing and never tired of going out to eat or going to a movie.

We can saw in the center many stores( Clothes and shoes ) and restaurants(fast food or regular restaurants) and big cinema too .

Nice resturants to eat in the center: Lalush coffee brasserie :

Cafe Lalosh Brasserie is located in Cinema City. When I come to the restaurant I feel the vibe in the place and you can feel the calm on the restaurant .

You can see the classic design on the restaurant . When I come to eat there i felt that I'm in a coffee shop in New York and not in Israel .

The menu is varied and you can find a lot of dishes in normal prices.

So if you plan to travel in the south or going to vacation in Eliat and you looking a place to stop Through in some place -You need to stop there !

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