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Ramat hayal and north market tel aviv

This summer is the best time to travel with friends or family or even with a boyfriend.

Most people would flight at this time to America or Europe or Thailand or Greece or even Asia. But because of the current situation (covid 19) ,the sky did not open at this time, so we can only to travel in Israel right now.

Tel Aviv is always known non-stop city, with a variety of streets that can be explored or beach-free Or even many restaurants and a vibrant life without intermission. The Ramat Hachayal area is located in Tel Aviv north and is a beautiful area in terms of its appearance and is also an area where all the tv studios. It also has plenty of restaurants and cafés and junk food restaurants. Also in the Ramat Hachayal area is the North market owned by Michal Ansky.

There are plenty of fast food restaurants and cafes on site, as well as some shops from food. The center is nice and you can travel there from the TV studios and throughout the street.

Address- Raul Wallenberg 20 ,Tel Aviv.

Just before the north market, I found a very high quality restaurant of meats called "only meat". So if you're looking for a high-quality meat restaurant, you can go in there.

Only meat-high quality meats Restaurant:

Only meat is a high-quality meat restaurant on Raul Wallenberg Street 14 in Ramat Hachayal. The vibe in the restaurant is a relaxed and the service that has is at a high level. The only meat restaurant was established in 2008 by Dani Brand Kibbutznik and farmer because of his love and respect for meat. The restaurant has other branches on the Rishon LeZion ,in salame street Tel Aviv and Haifa and other places.

The restaurant has its own special concept. At the entrance to the restaurant you will receive a glass of red wine on the house and not only this, All meals can be enjoyed with unlimited wine at 29 shekels. Then you'll have to go to the restaurant's meat veterinary and choose the meats you'd like to order from all the variety of meats that are there and give the restaurant's rhythm your decision. After that you go back to your table and the waiter will give you the first few dishes you've chosen. The meat you choose is served on a hot grill at the table and you'll be sure you're satisfied. The restaurant is definitely recommended for those who like meat or who are looking for a good place to eat lunch. So if you're in Tel Aviv, you're in the area to visit the restaurant and you won't regret it.

Address- of Raul Wallenberg Street 14, Tel Aviv.

The restaurant's site:

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