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Movie to watch : Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

cooperation with the Karin Dubinsky from The Geek chick blog.

If you're musician and you have a dream or if you love Eurovision that’s the movie for you.

The movie show us about Lars and Sigrit young singers from Iceland . They Preforming on A lil bar in Iceland And they have a dream to Preform on Eurovision contest .

We can see about they fights all the movie. They fight of their dream . Its start with the family and continue with the managers and directors from the contest.

In the movie we can see their fights about the Lars Cheating And Sigrit Feelings . BUT they throw this pain and they focused on their dream to win the contest .

I love this movie and I feel the connect of the story. Im musician a lot of years and I saw myself there (Just like a my beginning of my career).

When we see the movie we feel curiosity to know if they makes their dream .

Every time we see them and their try to doing the best of this but we see only the fail (Like in the stage when they preform ) . But they don’t give up and still focused on their dream -To win on Eurovision song contest .

All the fights sucssed and they win on the contest and of curse falling in love .

The actors so good in this movie , and I love all the music there (The lyrcis and the beats).

This is musical and optimist movie -so I perfectly can say that’s the movie of this summer!

*The post written with Karin Dubinsky from The geek chick blog and she present her option on her blog –

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