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Favorite fashion brands and why

Because today's technology we have many brands selling their products using the internet in addition to the big brands sold in the shopping mall's throughout the world. There is many strong brands in the fashion industry today that sell their products at good reasonable prices.

Here is a few companies with reasonable prices and great product that I recommend:

Shein: a brand that sells its products on the internet with reasonable prices. This brand started in 2008. With this brand u find mostly clothes for women for all measurements. This brand also offers men's clothing, clothing for children,accessories,shoes

purses and more. This brand is a favorite of mind and I highly recommend it.


H&M: this brand started 1947 in westeros in Sweden.This brand offers clothes for men, women, and children. The brand also offers a vast collection of shoes,accessories,jewelry, purses. If you're looking for good quality and great products these brands are great for it.


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