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With today's technological developments we have many new fashion sites where we can purchase clothes with good quality and for great prices.( for example- shein). My personal experience happened with the beginning of the pandemic and the shutdown.

For a long while I've been spending and purchasing clothes for hundreds of shekels. Here are a couple options of online clothing sites that are not so expensive and have a great look.

Look 1- light brown sweater with black tites and white sneakers. This look is simple and looks good.

Look 2-brown sweater black tites and black sneakers.

This look is great for work and day to day activities. This look goes well with a brown purse.

Look 3- white top with black tites and sneakers. This is a great look for family gatherings or a day out with friends.

Look 4- long white top with blue Jean's and white sneakers. A great look for a family gathering, workday.

You can also add black sunglasses and a purse.

So as u you can see there is no need to spend hundreds of shekels on clothes unless you want.

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