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Not every one knows how to match accessories with the clothes the choose to wear. Threw out my personal experience I've learned what's in style in fashion in what's not. Here is options to match together with daily outfits:

Option 1: white shirt with blue Jean's and sneakers can be a nice outfit. The accessories to match it is a watch a matching bag, sunglasses to match, and earrings.

Option 2: black tailored shirt with black tailored pants with black high heels. This outfit is great for job interviews. Accessories to match a silver ring, small purse silver, and a matching watch.

Option 3: black tank top with black tights with white sneakers. Accessories to add small black backpack, gold earrings, and black or gold watch.

Option 4: white top blue Jean's and brown shoes. This looks is for daily routine. Accessories to match gold chain, brown belt, and sunglasses. This ideas can help us choose what accessories to match wit outfits we choose to wear.

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